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Laravel Packages - Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Laravel packages are enormous because packages are vital to Laravel functionality. Here is the list of packages to install after your new Laravel project is up.

Laravel umbrella - The tech stack you will see

Laravel IDE Helper

    Laravel is now on the next level. I developed with Laravel using Text editors for a long time. I think this package is optional. However, I need this on every project after switching to PHPstorm. IDE helper is necessary for every project to hint your code in the IDE environment.

Project Github:

Laravel Debugbar

    Laravel Debugbar is also a time-saving tool for Laravel. It will show how many database queries for each page. How long does the response time take for each request?

Project Github:


    Laravel Collision is the package for making your errors beautiful in the command line.

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    Laravel Pest is one of the best tools for testing. It simplifies the testing and saves time for writing the test cases. If you are familiar with Jest in NodeJS, pest must be a try.

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    Larastan is a static analysis tool for your Laravel project. If you are using PHPstorm, you will avoid using the error in the IDE, but if you missed it with your eyes, Larastan is the sixth eye.

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